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At Granite, we believe that our sole focus should be managing investments and client service. As an independent, boutique asset management firm we are free of the distractions and conflicts seen at many larger organizations.  With widely distributed equity, average investment experience of nearly 30 years, and a seasoned client relations team, Granite benefits from a combination of significant experience and a flexible, focused structure to deliver results to our clients. 

As a 100% employee owned firm, Granite’s compensation plan is designed to create an entrepreneurial culture and long-term retention of its Principal owners. Granite's client service model is designed to ensure proper alignment of our investment client’s interests with that of the firm.

  • Fully Independent and privately owned by 16 employee Principals of the firm 

  • We firmly maintain the current private capital structure in order to focus solely on investors’ interests

  • Completely independent management, free from controls of affiliates or parent companies 

  • Flexible structure partnering with key, best-in-class providers to support the operational structure of the firm

  • Flat organizational structure allowing for more collaboration and less hierarchy

  • We limit the amount of assets we manage to preserve investment flexibility

  • Belief that we can deliver solid and consistent risk-adjusted performance over time by employing a well-defined and repeatable investment processes

Granite has two committees governing the firm:

  • The Management Committee is responsible for approval of the annual budget and annual compensation plan. The committee consists of the eight senior equity holders of the firm.  The committee is also responsible for selecting the members of the Operating Committee. 

  • The Operating Committee is responsible for evaluating organizational risk and managing oversight of the firm.  Members of the committee are derived from the Firm’s investment and client service groups including those individuals responsible for the coordination of third party vendors relative to operations, compliance, performance evaluation, information technology and human resources.  

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