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About Granite

At Granite, our mission and goal is investment excellence.

We have learned that there is no single blueprint for pursuing excellence in investment management. We believe having investment professionals with many decades of investment experience managing assets in varied market climates and a unique firm culture are key ingredients to our Institutional and Wealth Management clients' long term success. We are committed to cultivating these essential characteristics within our company, so that we may exceed our clients' expectations for absolute and relative investment performance.


Through the vast experience of our team, Granite’s investment process has developed over many decades, managing large pools of assets for institutional clients and mutual funds as well as high net worth individuals.

Granite Investment Partners, is a 100% employee owned Limited Liability Company established in 2009 by three former investment professionals of Transamerica Investment Management, LLC (TIM): Geoffrey I. Edelstein, CFA, Brad G. Slocum and Robert W. Foran. Granite is an independent registered investment advisor based in Los Angeles, California.

In 2011, ten investment professionals of TIM (including the majority of the senior members of the equity team, eight of whom became owners of Granite) joined their former colleagues at Granite. The goal in forming, and subsequently joining Granite was to create a firm that was fully independent and focused solely on the management of institutional and high net worth assets.

Granite’s large cap equity team is led by Edward S. Han and is supported by Gary U. Rollé, CFA , Erik U. Rollé, Geoffrey I. Edelstein, CFA, and Solmaz Emami, CFA.  Having served as a CIO and portfolio manager for over thirty years, Gary Rollé is the architect of the team’s investment process.  Messrs. Rollé and Han have worked together for over twenty years. The broader team began working together in 2005 when Transamerica acquired Westcap Investors. 


Granite’s small cap equity team is led by Joshua D. Shaskan, CFA, Principal and Portfolio Manager of the Small Growth Equity strategy and Jeffrey J. Hoo, CFA, Principal and Portfolio Manager of the Small Core Equity strategies.  Messrs. Hoo and Shaskan have been working together for over twenty years and have been the lead on their respective strategies since the product's inception.  They are supported by Peter O. Lopez, Pankaj R. Chandak, CFA, Andrew Magill, CFA, Jeanne S. Wong, CFA, and Emerson T. Whitley, CFA. 


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